The Garage Years

Mike is stepping in to be our guest writer this week. Here is his take on the early years of Bravo.

In college Jake and I had an idea that had never occurred to another college student before; we decided that we should start a t-shirt company. Even though at the time we had no idea what making a t-shirt required. About a year after college I ran across an infomercial for a DIY style screen printing kit on TV and it instantly sparked the memories of our plans. After several months of research we began our initial business planning and in September of 2011, filed the papers to make our new company, Bravo, official.

Once the company had it's papers and we opened a bank account, the first thing we did was buy a press. We started with a brand new shiny 4 color single station press that came with all of the start up chemicals, inks, and supplies to start printing. A screen printing shop in a box! We set the press up on an old 4 foot long folding table in my garage and made a make-shift washout booth for our screens.

Our first print shop located in the garage. It was the perfect setup to learn on.

Our first print shop located in the garage. It was the perfect setup to learn on.

We worked our 9 to 5 jobs during the week, Jake as a regional purchaser of chemicals for a large distribution company and me as an accountant doing bookkeeping and payroll for small businesses. The weekends were our times for printing and experimenting. My wife jokes about how the garage was slowly taken over inch by inch by our endeavors. We went from having the small press and a washout booth on one side of the garage, to adding several more racks, tables, folding benches, a new and even bigger press, and a new conveyor dryer, making the shop span every inch of the garage.

Our online sales began to stabilize in early 2013. By the time Christmas came around our shop expanded from the garage to include the dining room as a folding and shipping station. After you include the upstairs office as the design and film studio and the closet as our inventory storage the entire house became half house, half print shop.

Our first folding and shipping area formerly known as the dining room.

Our first folding and shipping area formerly known as the dining room.

After reaching the maximum potential we could achieve in the house we decided that in January of 2015 we would quit our day jobs and find a legitimate shop to setup in and make this our careers (more on that in another post).

We definitely were not the first print shop to begin in a garage and won't be the last, but looking back I don't think I would have done it any differently.





New Addition!

Hi there! My name is Tanner Goodson and I will be the one responsible for posting to this blog from here on out; though occasionally Mike or Jake might step in to be a guest writer.

Here are some things you should know about me before we get started.

1.       I’ve known Mike and Jake since about 2nd grade. Along with Justin, the 4 of us have been best friends since then.

2.       To go along with the above, I was born and raised in Alto, Ga. I graduated from Banks County High School along with the boys and then completed my education at Kennesaw State University.

3.       I recently moved back to GA along with my wife to work for the boys at their screen printing business. We had spent 6.5 years in Portland, OR before that. And before that I spent a year in Durham, NC working for REI.

4.       I am an avid golfer, disc golfer, biker, board gamer, video gamer, and reader. My favorite sports teams are all of the GA ones.

5.       My wife Brittany also has a shop on Etsy; Darkroom and dearly; where she sells greeting cards and such. You should check it out.

Mike, Myself, Jake, and Justin at my wedding.

Mike, Myself, Jake, and Justin at my wedding.

In taking over this blog, I hope to be able to give you folks a glimpse into our lives here at Bravo Custom Printing. Subjects will range from bios and backgrounds on the Boys of Bravo; to how to videos and educational pieces. As always, any comments, questions, and positive criticisms are welcomed and appreciated.

None so far? Alright. Let's get to it then.